Amazon Tablet Advantages



55% of consumers would seriously consider buying a tablet computer from Amazon.

38% would consider buying a tablet from Dell.

38% would do so from Samsung.

31% would buy one from Motorola.

And the same percentage would consider at tablet from HP/Palm.

24% would consider RIM.

Only 21% would consider buying a tablet from Barnes & Noble.

THOUGHT: These are fascinating numbers that illustrate the strong position Amazon holds as it prepares to enter the tablet market with its own Android-based device.

The same survey indicates people want a lower price point if they are to consider an Android tablet: 79% would consider an Android tablet with similar features to the $499 iPad if the device cost less than $250.

I’d imagine Amazon is paying close attention right about now to what Nook owners are saying about their device because that device appears to hit the sweet spot of feature/price balance that can compete with Apple.

It is especially striking that Barnes & Noble comes in dead last among Android tablet providers even though they already have one on the market.

It think it comes down largely to what people currently believe about the brands that are offering Android tablets.

People think of Dell and HP only as computer companies; they think of Samsung as a consumer electronics company; Motorola is a phone manufacturer, as is RIM/Blackberry (but a sorta clunky one); and then you’ve got Barnes & Noble, which people consider a bookstore but only a bookstore.

Amazon’s competitive advantage from a brand perception standpoint is that people consider Amazon an online store that happens to sell books…and music…and movies…and a bunch of other stuff.

People are beginning to prefer shopping on their tablets rather than their desktops or laptops. And Amazon has a ton of the content a typical tablet owner would want: Apps, eBooks, streaming video, music and music storage, and sooooooper easy online shopping.

If they can keep the price at the $250-$300 range (likely by excluding a camera), they’ll be in a very nice place.

As shopping trends seem to indicate, their future will likely depend upon their tablet success.


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