The Email Dead Zone

Email Dead Zone: Photograph of an iPad and a cup of coffee

Email In The Morning photo courtesy David Erickson


KISSMetrics Infographic

Emails sent between 10 PM and 6 AM EST is generally just plain ineffective.

As is email sent between 10 AM and Noon weekdays.

As are most emails sent between Noon and 3 PM weekdays.

THOUGHT: The numbers above are for consumer audiences. Results may vary. The dictum Know Your Audience always applies. If you’re trying to reach chefs at fine dining establishments, they may not have any time whatsoever from 6 AM to 10 PM to check their email. 

Nevertheless, there’s a reason you get this email between 3 and 5 PM every day. That decision was based on a hunch that 3 PM is about the time my audience–all you information workers interested in online communications out there–needs a break from work and is open to a short diversion before they refocus and wrap up what they need to get done for the day.

It was hunch but the numbers bear my intuition out: Open rates are higher from 3 to 5 PM.  

Think about your audience’s daily routine and how they use technology. Will they be checking their email at their desk or do they check throughout the day on their phone?

Do some A/B testing to determine the optimal time of the day for delivery to your audience. Is your audience spread across multiple time zones? Is your email list segmented as such? 

Provide value to your audience at the time they’re most receptive. 

I was told the other day that for one subscriber The Daily Numbers are a guilty pleasure…but minus the guilt: It’s a nice diversion from her work but it is still work related. 

I love it when it plays out the way you think it will!

How bout you? When do you check your email? I’d love to know: Go to the eStrategy Facebook Page and let’s compile our answers on the poll.


SUPER COOL TOOL TUESDAY: Well, this one’s obvious. It’s gotta be Google+ this week. It is looking for all the world that Google finally got one of their social media efforts right from the outset.  Connect with me and if you need an invite, email me and I’ll send you one.


Thank you for reprieves.