Mobile App Usage

Photo of an iPad app being used

Mobile App Usage



People spend 81 minutes a day consuming content through mobile apps.

That compares to 74 minutes a day people spend consuming content through desktop and the mobile Web.

THOUGHT: Whether through mobile phone apps or tablets, if people prefer apps to the wild, wild Web, that has serious implications for content producers.

I can understand why people might prefer apps to the Web. Getting content through them is far more immediate and far less cluttered. It’s a much better experience.

You don’t have to navigate to a website, through search or by typing a URL into your browser; it’s all contained within your app. And the Web has become far too cluttered while apps, for the most part, offer a clean, easy-to-use design.

I suspect, though, that a lot of what is driving these numbers is the fact that with tablets, there is no lag time between your desire to do something and the device satisfying that desire. It takes me ten minutes to fully load my laptop from start-up before it is ready for use; my iPad takes one second, literally. When I need information immediately, it is my go-to device. 


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