Click-Through Rates By Organic Ranking

Search Engine Results Heat Map

Search Engine Results Heat Map



The click-through rate for the top organic link in Google search results is 18.20%.

It is 10.05% for the second link.

7.22% for the third.

And 4.81% for the fourth

THOUGHT:  Not surprising. We’ve seen similar results in other studies, some with more dramatic drop-off from the first to the second and some with less but all have the same generally falling off, regardless of the steepness of the descent. 

What’s new and what I don’t think we have a handle on yet is the influence that social indicators may have on click-through rates. Now that Google is including content shared by people connected to you in your social networks in search results, and pointing out that someone you’re connected to has shared that content, will that make people more likely to click on that link regardless of position? 

Say the top link is formatted normally in a given search but the second or third one has a little icon of someone you’re connected to indicating that they’ve shared that link on Twitter; are you more likely to click that link or the top one? 

I guessing you’re gonna at least pay more attention to that link than you would have otherwise. 

Ah, the ever-evolving world of search engine optimization!

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