Expert Positioning Through Q & A Sites

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50% of the visitors to Quora are between 18-34 years old.
43% of the visitors to are in that age range.
37% of visitors are between 18-34 years of age.

THOUGHT: Quora rocked the social media marketing world like a hurricane in December of last year, six months after it came out of private beta. When I started getting invites from a ton of people I knew or who were in my networks, I knew I had to pay attention to it. 

The shine has dulled considerably since then but the site remains the best of the question and answer sites for its combination of quality answers, clean interface, social integration, and search optimization benefit. But the demographics of Quora in particular–users are younger, more educated, and more likely to be professionals or professionals-in-training–make the site a potential B2B marketing venue.

Q & A sites are tailor made for expert positioning because they beg you to do intellectual handstands that show off your command of a given subject. Questioning search phrases such as “How do I…?” or “How does…?” or “Who can…?” are a major category of search type and these sites supply a lot of the content that is matched to those queries. Not surprisingly, then, search drives 49% of the traffic to Quora. 

By actively sharing your expertise through these sites, not only can you position yourself as an expert in a given topic area but it can become a component of your search optimization strategy, as well. 

Finally, people often ask questions about brands on Q & A sites so if you’re not monitoring these sites, you definitely should be. 

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