Social Media Engagement Hours

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Social Media Engagement Hours


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Facebook posts made by retail brands between 8 PM-7 AM drive 20% more user engagement than posts made between 8 AM-7 PM.

THOUGHT: That makes plenty sense, when you think about how people use Facebook. They’re likely not using it a whole bunch while they’re at work and even if they do, they’re probably using it to gather information rather than comment and like and share.

That kind of activity, after all, shows up in your Facebook feed and if you work for a company who frowns on social media use at work (and there are plenty of them), you’ll likely keep any daytime Facebook use to a minimum.

But the numbers above pertain to retail brands. B2B brands target audiences may be using Facebook a lot from nine to five.

So, as always, be sure to do your research and find out if your target audience(s) are actually using the venues you think they’re using, when you think they’re using them. Take a look at your website analytics and see what kind of social media traffic you’re getting to your site and during what hours of the day you’re getting that traffic.

That might help you get a handle on when your audience is using social media.

The beauty of online communication is, if done right, you can earn the attention of just who you want to pay attention at the time they’re most likely to be interested in paying attention to you.

But you gotta do your research.

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