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Enterprise-level companies own an average of 178 social media accounts each.
They average 39 Twitter accounts and:
32 blogs;
30 Facebook accounts;
29 LinkedIn accounts.

THOUGHT: An “enterprise-level” company is defined as one with more than 1,000 employees. The survey cited did not count individual employees’ accounts nor Google+ accounts.

Herein lies both the luxury large organizations enjoy in terms of devoting sufficient resources to social media as well as the curse they suffer of one hand not knowing what the other is doing.

The same survey found that only 48% of the companies said they had a coordinated approach to social media across the company and only 49% said they’d taken an inventory of social assets.

You could easily see how this could happen with a company like General Mills, for example, a food company that has, according to my count from their website, 42 individual brands in addition to the corporate brand.

While General Mills does indeed have a handle on and coordinates among their social assets, you could understand how a company of that size might have brand managers taking ownership of their own brands’ social presence before a company even realizes the need for an over-arching approach.

You see the problem often among franchise businesses, where you have autonomous locations dispersed across geography and a wide disparity of online talent among those locations.

All organizations should have a continually updated inventory of their social presence and an over-arching plan to guide their use, but especially organizations with many locations that expect to achieve fast growth.

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