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Only 18% of restaurants use email marketing.
Of those that do, 57% send emails on a monthly basis.
71% have email lists of fewer than 500 people.
79% don’t know their open rates.
85% don’t know their click-through rates.

THOUGHT: At first glance, these numbers look astounding, especially because they are for one of the oldest methods of online marketing.

But then when you stop to consider that the vast majority of restaurants in the United States are not the McDonald’s and Taco Bells of the world but local, one location concerns, the lack of email marketing becomes a bit more understanding.

Still, the fact that precious few restaurants even know about open and click-through rates is pretty arresting.

It may be that people bringing in coupons from email campaigns may be the only metric in which they are interested. I have a feeling, though, that a lot of the smaller restaurants think email marketing is something they must do, yet they really have no clue how to do it or how to judge whether or not it is effective.

It’s a shame because email marketing is eminently affordable for small businesses, it’s measurable, it is a great medium for testing messages and offers, and it remains one of the best channels through which to motivate people to act.

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