The Site Registration Barrier

Website Registration Barriers



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54% of consumers may leave a website or not return when required to register with that site.
6% say they will leave or avoid the site.
26% of consumers will go to a different site, if possible
14% will complete the registration.
That’s down from 25% the previous year.

THOUGHT: The sample size for this survey is 619 respondents but even so, I’m sure this is a common phenomenon. The numbers highlight a common problem with websites: Asking for and/or requiring more information than is needed for a particular use.

There are several dynamics at work here.

One is trust. Consumers are inclined to distrust websites that ask for personal information. They question the need for the information you want from them. They question what will be done with the information. They question whether or not their information will remain secure.

Another dynamic is patience. People have little patience with the need to fill out an online form if they don’t see an absolute need to do so or, even if they see a need, are impatient with requests for information they do not deem essential to the task at hand.

Another dynamic is time. People have little of this as well and it is therefore the handmaiden of patience. If your form looks daunting–complicated and time consuming–people will be inclined to abandon it.

It is not surprising, then, that the survey also finds that 3 in 4 respondents approve of websites using social logins like Facebook for registration purposes.

Take a hard look at your website and use it the way your customers would. Are there barriers? It really should go without saying but: Make it as easy as possible for people to do business with you.

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