RNC's Historically-Inaccurate Rosa Parks Tweet & Amazon's Drones – Beyond Social Media Show [VIDEO]

Topics on episode 27 of the Beyond Social Media Show: Century 21’s Tryptophan Slow Jam; Chanukah ham; RNC’s Rosa Parks tweet; T-Mobile & AT&T’s Twitter fight; Dana Morales plays us all; Amazon Air drones for delivery; Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm tweak; GE’s 3D Printing Day; Apple buys Topsy; The Gap’s social listening & response; Verizon’s Mall of America Destination Store; some shiny new stuff & much more.

Century 21 Tryptophan Slow Jam

RNC Believes Racism Ended In The 50s

Screenshot of RNC's Rosa Parks Tweet

T-Mobile & AT&T’s Twitter Cat Fight

Amazon Air Drones To Deliver