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Google Search Quality Meetings: How Google Improves Its Algorithms [VIDEO]

While both of these clips are somewhat dated, Google has provided a few YouTube videos that give insight into how the company improves its search algorithms. This first one is an explainer video.

How Google Makes Improvements To Its Search Algorithm

The example used in the video discusses how Google turned misspellings in search queries into accurate and quality search results. They use the example of misspellings of medicines. If you get the wrong information as a a result of misspelling a medicine you are taking, it could have disastrous results.

Google knows that websites that misspell pharmaceuticals tend to be of lower quality. This is an indication of how simple rules of English are a reflection of quality and as a result, poor writing can negatively affect a website’s reputation in Google’s algorithms.

Google Search Quality Meeting

This next video is like sitting in on a meeting among Google’s search engineers discussing how to account for and improve search results for misspellings in long queries. It provides great insight into how Google thinks in terms of search results.

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