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  • A Newsletter Subject Line Tactic I Would RARELY Recommend September 25, 2023
    What is a glaring mistake for 99% of newsletters works for this one. Plus digital marketing news, Music Monday & Glorious Midjourney Mistakes.
  • LinkedIn Incorporates Generative AI Design September 19, 2023
    Watch now (3 mins) | LinkedIn is now providing a generative AI post format that will create a social post for you based on what you ask for.
  • Copyrewrite September 18, 2023
    Copyright law needs an adjustment to provide the flexibility to accomodate an AI world and to get back to it's original mission of enlarging the public domain. #AI #ContentDevelopment #Copyright
  • Blue Color Psychology September 8, 2023
    A deep dive into the psychology and meaning of the color blue, specifically with regard to website design.
  • Color Theory (Or The Reputation Of Colors) August 16, 2023
    An in-depth discussion of color theory and its application to website design. #ColorTheory #WebsiteDesign #Design
  • Nostalgia & Fauxstalgia Marketing August 14, 2023
    Brands aim for the nostalgia nerve at their own risk but the #Barbie movie's aim was true. Also Digital Marketing News: #AI, Consumer Behavior, Content Marketing, Search, Social Media & Music Monday! #DigitalMarketing
  • Search Generative Experience August 8, 2023
    Digital Marketing News: Advertising, Analytics, #AI, Social Media & Glorious Midjourney Mistakes #SEM #SEO
  • Summer Marketing Reading List July 31, 2023
    Digital Marketing News: Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Society & MUSIC MONDAY!
  • Hollywood's Generative AI Future July 24, 2023
    Digital Marketing News: #Advertising, #AI, Consumer Psychology, Search, Social Media, Society, Music Monday & Glorious #Midjourney Mistakes.
  • A Brand Reputation Metric: The Customer Effort Score July 17, 2023
    Digital Marketing News: Advertising, AI, Content Marketing, Search, Social Media, Society & MUSIC MONDAY! #CX #AI #DigitalMarketing