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10 Most Popular e-Strategy Blog Posts Of 2012 [LIST]

List - 10 Most Popular e-Strategy Blog Posts Of 2012

These are the ten most popular posts this year at the e-Strategy Blog, based on the number of page views:

  1. How To Create & Market An Infographic
  2. TRANSCRIPTION FAIL: Speechpad vs. Dragon vs. Google Voice
  3. Citizens United Constitutional Amendment Online Ad Campaign
  4. Female Console Gamers
  5. The Kinect-Compatible
  6. Target’s Falling For You Branded Entertainment Campaign
  7. Product Videos Convert Online Sales
  8. Mothers’ Social Media Behavior
  9. YouTube Videos & Google+ Integration
  10. Kony 2012 Video: Why It Went Viral

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About David Erickson

David Erickson is principal of e-Strategy Media, a digital marketing consultancy based in Minnesota. David has extensive experience in digital marketing and is often used as an expert source by media and asked to speak on the topic before organizations and to sit on panel discussions.

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